This Month's Box, August 2010

Our first Community Supported Chocolate box contains:

Bonbons (left to right):
Classic Salted Caramel
Lavender Walnut Truffle
Strawberry Cream
Lemon Ginger Truffle


Bonus gift:

Most of the fruits and herbs are homegrown by us or our Berkeley & San Rafael neighbors. The rest are organic from the San Rafael farmer's market. We use Clover Organic cream and Madhava Organic Agave Nectar. The nuts are from Whole Foods or Berkeley Bowl, products of CA. Our couverture is manufactured in Burlingame.

News & Notes
It's been a tumultuous few weeks at The Xocolate Bar and in between everything else I've been trying to promote our new CSC program (Community Supported Chocolate--a chocolate CSA).

Early on I was scooped by SFoodie and then, by some miracle, Inc. Magazine! I'm not sure the story will make it to print, but being interviewed by my favorite entrepreneurial magazine was gratifying in itself.


  1. Yay, excited! Am I the one person? O_o Do you want a review after I get the box?

  2. I'm eating the OMG Bar right now, and O M G. It is amazing. Are you going to be stocking this one in the shop? It's SO GOOD!!!

  3. @satsuma yes, just made some more. They sell out super fast! Glad you liked it :-)