Molecular Gastronomy meets Chocolate?

A plate made of a gelatin-like substance
Yesterday I took a class at Le Sanctuaire, a hidden gem of a shop that sells AAA grade spices, molecular gastronomy supplies and esoteric cookware. The class was "Ideas in Food: Aroma" taught by Alexander Talbot, kitchen alchemist and one of the two bloggers behind IdeasinFood.com.

Food geeks, scientists and chefs gathered to watch him pour bubbling liquid nitrogen over chorizo before pulverizing the meat in a Vita-Mix and sprinkling it over melon, among other things.

I could have done without all the chorizo experiments--egg yolks poached in chorizo fat, powdered chorizo, chorizo whipped "cream"-- although the tricks learned along the way made up for the greasy taqueria stench.

My favorite was an ice cream flavored with California bay, true laurel, mace, star anise and pine needles. It tasted like Thanksgiving, and I know it would totally work with chocolate.

I also love the idea of using the chamber of a whipped cream dispenser to infuse ingredients under pressure. The Ideas in Food cookbook comes out this Christmas and it's already on my wish list.

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