Rosemary Truffle (vegan)

As much as I'd love to grow my own food, I have a perpetually brown thumb. If you want to kill a plant in 30-90 days, give it to me. The exception is anything that grows like a weed without my interference. Wild fennel, mint, lavender, and rosemary are the hardy survivors of my garden. Luckily they all go great with chocolate!

Rosemary may be more associated with chicken than chocolate, but I assure you the combination works beautifully. Its herbal flavor is bold enough to stand up to dark chocolate yet doesn't overpower it.
We make it by muddling rosemary leaves into organic agave nectar and leaving it to soak over night. After straining out the leaves we're left with a wonderful rosemary-scented syrup, which we heat and mix with 91% dark chocolate before piping it into shells. Smooth, dark, herbal and sweet...a Xocolate Bar favorite for sure.

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