Gourmet Walks SF Chocolate Tour

Last weekend I was asked to be the "Celebrity Chocolatier" on Gourmet Walks' chocolate walking tour of San Francisco. I won't tell you who we visited because I think they like it to be a surprise, but I will tell you this: prepare for chocolate overload!

We were given more chocolate samples than I could possibly stomach--and that's coming from me, a certifiable chocoholic. I recommend packing a protein-rich sandwich to keep you going between sugar rushes. Halfway through I was craving nothing more than a hunk of steak to offset the sweetness. That said, you definitely get your money's worth in free chocolate! And for you fellow food snobs out there, rest assured that they are highly selective as to which shops they visit...no villainous vanillin allowed.

It was a lot of fun and I do recommend it, for locals and tourists alike. You can sign up for the tour here and read the proprietress' lovely blog post about The Xocolate Bar here.

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