Salted Honey Truffle

organic winter honey

This flavor was inspired by the dangerously addictive creations of a fellow lady confectioner, Anastasia Hagerstrom. I saw her recently on the new Cooking Channel (go Sweet Chicks!) and remembered the time she gave me a handful of her salted honey caramels. Each bite was a devastatingly delicious alternation of intense honey sweetness and equally intense saltiness--balanced to perfection. If you haven't tried Sweet Revolution Caramels yet I dare you to eat just one. It's damn near impossible.

101/365 She sells sea salt down by the sea shore

I translated my craving for these caramels into a truffle (stirring hot vats for extended periods of time is not my thing). I used three ingredients: Marin Wildflower Honey from Marshall's Honey Farm, sea salt, and dark chocolate. Mixing warm honey with melted chocolate makes for an irresistably fudgy texture, whose sweet richness is well tamed by a salty finish.

I can't wait to try this flavor again with Marshall's "Buzzerkly" Berkeley Wildflower Honey.

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